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Your new Healthy Rules of the Road Family Edition looks just wonderful - both for kids and families who would like to be a little healthier! The book uses "highway" terms and pictures which all will enjoy reading together.  I can't wait to get my own copy so I too can get started being a little healthier! Fantastic job!"  - M.S. Arcuri

"Wendy has spent her career working to make children and families healthier! This book shares Wendy's passion for improving the health of every family with easy everyday choices. Her book is a wonderful tool for families to have fun getting healthy together! Great job Wendy, thank you for your devotion to families everywhere."  - S. Lill

Legislator Heather Del-Conte, D-Oswego, said she saw the lasting effects of the program when her son pointed out “red light” foods, items that are low in nutrient value, at a fast food restaurant. “He wanted to eat the food that wasn’t a red light”, said Del-Conte.

"My school has been a Healthy Highway school for the past five years and we love the idea of using a traffic theme to teach students about Physical Education and Fitness, Nutrition Education, and Character Education. Our entire school meets for assemblies during the year at which new roads are introduced. Students then make connections to those roads and are given a challenge to "travel" down those roads while they earn miles for making healthy choices. Everyone, including our administration, classroom teachers, special area teachers, and support staff helps to keep the program going and we have even incorporated the Healthy Highway pledge into our daily school pledge! Not only has Healthy Highway made a difference in the lives of our students, but it has also made a difference in the lives of each and every adult in our building! I fully and enthusiastically endorse this program!"
- Margaret Robelee, North Park Elementary School

2014 Eastern District/SHAPE America Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year,

2013 Southeastern Zone of NYS AHPERD Amazing Person,

2011 NYS AHPERD Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year


"The Healthy Highway program concepts were easy for my elementary students to understand and implement when making daily choices about eating and being active. The best part was seeing their enthusiasm for wanting to make "green light " choices because they knew it was good for their "engine".
-Kathy Armstrong, Retired School Nurse

"I LOVE the idea of getting this into the homes. I find that so many moms really do want to make healthy choices for themselves and their family but don't really know what they are or how to make it easy. This could really help! Healthy highway offers fun ways to educate kids on healthy lifestyle choices and creates an opportunity for families to have healthy learning fun-time together."
-Robyn A. Graber, DC, PC, Inner Sage Healing Arts Center

"Healthy Highway has been incredibly useful to athletes and coaches in Special Olympics. The materials provided are very easy to use and the concepts resonate with anyone looking to live a healthy and active life. A great tool for anyone seeking a path to a healthier life."

-Onolee Stephan, MPH Director, Community Health Program, Special Olympics

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