Easily incorporate fun healthy choices into
your everyday routine!

Healthy Rules of the Road Kit $300.00


Activity Guide

The spiral bound guide is comprised of activities and ideas to “fuel inject” throughout the year. The guide is designed to educate, motivate and inspire all participants to choose healthy living. Using traffic metaphors and visual tools, the program is designed to guide and support healthy choices.

Traffic Posters


The 6 posters each represent a traffic sign with a matching safety and nutrition slogan. Attach clear plastic pockets to each poster. Place corresponding safety and nutrition slogan cards into the pockets, making these posters interchangeable for two units of study. Display the posters all year long.

Mini Traffic Signs


The 24 mini traffic signs match the posters. Cut out each sign and use for displays. Add to the matching slogan insert card. Have a “sign of the day” where the students have to tell you the safety or nutrition slogan that matches the sign. Display the signs where you want the students to: line up; move only in one direction; slow down; stop; do not enter; and cooperate with others.

Safety and Nutrition Slogan Cards


Each of the safety and nutrition slogan cards matches the traffic sign posters. These cards can be displayed throughout the area as visual reminders of the important educational slogans. Match the corresponding mini sign with each card to connect the sign and key slogan words.

Traffic Light Food Cards


Food cards are designed to create a vibrant visual for learning.
Traffic light food cards are categorized based on the number of grams of fat:

Green light foods: "every day" foods: 0- 3 grams of fat
Yellow light foods: "slow down and think" foods: 4-6 grams
Red light foods: "stop and think" foods: 7 grams or higher

Promotes easy classification of healthy foods.

Fuel Pump Food Cards


Fuel pump food cards reinforce the 5 good groups by:

  1. displaying a picture example of a food
  2. labeling the food
  3. naming the food group.

Each card is framed with a distinct color for easy recognition.

Car Display


“Coop” can be displayed for the younger grades and “Cruise” can be used for the older grades. This is a fun visual to “rev up your engines”. Add cars to a “road” display to show progress as you travel the different units of study throughout the year.

Convenient Carrying Case

Healthy Highway goes green! The carrying case is 100% recyclable.

Fuel Pump Poster


The large fuel pump poster makes it fun to “pump up” with healthy choices. Clear plastic pockets are applied to each food group section. Insert fuel pump food cards to demonstrate examples of foods that match each food group category.

Traffic Light Poster #1


This light relates to the traffic light food cards regarding the choices we make for our “engines”. Students list the color light that represent the food choices they make for breakfast and lunch. It may also be used as a self-assessment of behavior: red=stop and think before we act; yellow=slow down and think about our words; green= go and celebrate our good choices.

Traffic Light Poster #2


Balance of calories: Demonstrate the importance of input and output of calories. Each traffic light color food is matched with an exercise. The color of the light determines the number of times an exercise is performed:

green light foods = 5x
yellow light foods = 10x
red light foods = 25x

Character Ed Street Signs


Six street signs create safe “roads” to travel on. Use these signs to designate roadways for movement, or display on the wall as each class works together to accomplish the tasks for each road.

Fuel Gauge Poster


Goal-reaching tool to track number of healthy choices and any group objective.

The vision of Healthy Highway is to educate, motivate, and inspire children and families to choose healthy living. Using traffic metaphors and visual tools, the program is designed to guide and support healthy choices.

The goal of Rules of the Road is to provide a “road map” for families to own their choices, take responsibility for those choices and become self-sufficient in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Riding with Rev Family Pack

Healthy Rules of the Road educates, motivates and inspires families to make healthy lifestyle choices and to become aware of those choices. The traffic-themed vocabulary and visual tools give children and adults a common and easy way to talk about what it means to be healthy and which choices can be applied. Learn how “green light” decisions can be applied in all areas of life and are unique to you. Watch children become empowered to take charge of their choices and to help others. Drive down the Healthy Highway as a family to create a road map for your own healthy lifestyle. This is a trip of a lifetime – welcome to the state of good health!


Healthy Rules of the Road Family Edition: This book acts as your “owner’s manual” helping families to showcase their kitchens as “learning labs” to create new recipes,

Healthy Highway magnet work

Healthy Highway Pledge Refrigerator Magnet

The magnet is a great visual to place on your refrigerator to remind families to make at least one healthy choice a day. Use the magnet to hang favorite recipes, Healthy Highway coloring pages, and pictures of favorite healthy choices!


Riding with Rev Car Decal

Proudly display your car decal. Take pictures of the different destinations you drive to along the highway to healthy choices.


Green Light To Good Health Fuel Gauge Tracker Poster

Display your fuel gauge poster where it can be seen every day. Decide on a family goal. As you make the choices to reach this goal, move the indicator from empty to full. Once you are “full”, celebrate!


Rev Water Bottle

What a great way to have your water with you all day!


Healthy Highway Promise Bracelets

Wear your bracelet letting everyone know you are proud to make healthy choices.


Riding with Rev Drawstring Bag

All-in-one guide to getting your family on the road to a healthy lifestyle